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Aviation Acres Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a database of questions and answers for our customers, in the event you are having some difficulty in using Aviation Acres and its programs. If you have a question you don't see here contact us.

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Listing Admin
  • When entering a listing I get error messages I don't understand.
  • I added a listing and it shows up in my Listing Manager account, but it doen't show up on the Aviation Acres web site?
  • Why Does the Listing Form have so many fields?
  • How do I find the Airport Facility ID?

  • Signing Up
  • Do I get a refund if my property sells prior to the ending of the period of time I sign up?
  • How do I add a listing on AviationAcres.com?

  • Advertising
  • Can you advertise on specific pages or must you advertise on the entire site?

  • Database Fields
  • Why do you have so many field to fill out - isn't that over kill and a waste of our time?
  • I typed my email address in the description field and now it's gone. Why?
  • Do I have to gather all the airport or airpark information for my listing?
  • Why is there a field in the database for "Legal Runway Access"? Isn't the point of this website to have properties on airports?

  • What does it cost?
  • Does Aviation Acres get a commission on any sales from this site?

  • General Questions
  • Will this website publish my email or address online for the public to see?

  • Web Site Browsing
  • When I come to AviationAcres.com I have to scroll right and left to view the site. Why doesn't the web site fit on my screen?

  • Debbie Keilin & Rachel McGrath Premier Sotheby

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